In the past few years my work has been based around the industrial sector.  Complex strategies are needed to produce quality work in this environment. The industrial setting can pose challenges with both logistics and safety. I am capable of handling these concerns. Photography is a lot like other occupations. If you don’t have the tools you cannot complete the job. That is why I have up to date high-resolution digital equipment as well as traditional photographic equipment.

My love for the art of photography led me to NSCAD University where I was able to work with Alvin Comiter - Gary Wilson and Susan MacEchern. I graduated in 1989 with my degree in fine arts In 1999 I returned to teach and now I am regular part time faculty.

I was immediately hooked the first time I looked through a viewfinder. The act of capturing a moment in time astounded my young mind and the passion for photography that I discovered remained with me, even today.

Photography has become a way of life for me. The images I take for myself and for clients have to be both rewarding and creative.

  ~Steve Farmer
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